Services Offered

Pathology Waste Disposal

Superb Medical services any type of pathology waste disposal. Pickups are available daily, weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, and more.

What is Pathology Waste?

The category of pathological waste is composed of human derived tissues, organs, and body parts with the exception of teeth, as well as animal-derived tissues, organs, and body parts.

Superb Medical offers OSHA compliant services that ensure sensitive materials are disposed in accordance with EPA regulations.

Complete and Compliant Pathology Removal Service

Pathology waste is to be segregated for storage and placed in its own container. Pathological waste containers are pre-labeled with the pathological waste symbol and the words “Pathology Waste” and/or “PATH.”

We offer a full pathological waste removal service, which includes collection, transportation, and treatment of pathological waste. We are up to date and follow all local laws and regulations.

Examples of Pathology Waste We Manage

Our pathological waste disposal services cover a range of items, such as:

  • Human and animal tissue
  • Human and animal organs
  • Human and animal body parts
  • Human and animal bodily fluids
  • Human and animal blood and blood products
  • Any specific pathological waste request

Personalized Pathology Waste Management Solutions

We understand that potential clients can have specific needs when it comes to how frequent they need their waste to be picked up. Our team works with you during your onboarding process to determine the best schedule for your facility.

Personalized Waste Management Plans

Feel free to give us a call to discuss what your potential needs might be. We can create a personalized waste management plan just for you. Depend on our commitment to safety and efficiency for any of your chemotherapy waste disposal needs.